Product Safety Approval sheet

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  > PCX2 337 SERIES           > PCX2 339 SERIES           > PCX2 347 SERIES            > PCY2 120 SERIES             > PCY2 130 SERIES
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Quality & Environment System

  > ISO 9001 Certificate                                  > ISO 14001 Certificate                                 > IATF 16949 Certificate            
  > S-partner Certificate [Samsung]                > Green Program Certificate [LGE]               > Eco partner Certificate [Samsung]

Flammability Verification

  > PCMP dipped type             > PCMT dipped type             > PCMP box type            


  > PCMT (Orange lacquer type) SERIES                    > PCMT (Brown lacquer type) SERIES                 > PCMT (Box type) SERIES          
  > PCMP/PCPW SERIES                                            > PCX1/PCX2/PCY2 SERIES                               > PCRC SERIES          
  > PCMP/MPP/EUX/KUM/BUP/PUX SERIES             > MX/MT/MP/PW SERIES                                    > PPRR/PSFR SERIES            
  > PPSR SERIES(less than 50kΩ)                              > PPBR SERIES/PPSR SERIES(over 50kΩ)       > PWWR SERIES
  > PNFR SERIES                                                         


Please contact us for complete technical specification before use and confirm the appropriate condition of your application.
  If used in a specific appliance that requires an extremely high reliability directly impacting human life, please consult with us
     within the conditions in the specification.
  In the event of trouble with other parts on the circuit such as shorting and opening, provide proper means for preventing voltage,
     current or temperature exceeding the capacitor's rating from being applied to the film capacitor.
  For film capacitor for AC use, ask for our specification, and use within the specification conditions.
  Under worst case conditions a film capacitor may smoke or catch fire. Therefore, as the specific application demands,
     we recommend that the resin part of periphery is covered with a flame-retardant material and case.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Ask factory for technical specifications before purchase and/or use. Whenever a doubt about safety arises from this product, please contact us immediately for technical consultation.