The purpose of customer support is to provide maximum benefits to the customers throught:

⊙ Innovation, development towards future oriented solutions
⊙ Ability to design customized product solutions
⊙ Support for Technical Application
⊙ Quality products
⊙ Fast & Reliable logistic services
⊙ Worldwide sales & customer service network


Pilkor Electronics Division.(of Cowell Fashion Co.,Ltd.) is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Metallized film capacitors and fixed Resistors and creates value for its customers and shareholders by improving continuously the quality level of products and Customer service in accordance with international Quality Assurance Systems.

The final target of our quality policy is to becomea market and technology leader in electronic parts and thus, a most preferred partner by our Customers.


Good logistics is a matter of top priority for excellent customer service. It is regarded as one of the most important strategic asserts of PILKOR, which contributes to our competitive edge. We aim at not only good products but also excellent logistics. We are continuously improving logistics, from procurement of raw materials to delivery of products. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through reliable, flexible and quality logistics.

Reliable Logistics Services

⊙ Reliable planning of short and medium term production plan against customer demand forecast.
⊙ Build-up Safety Stock.
⊙ Special shipping service.
⊙ Daily resolution in order handling process.
⊙ Specific capacity allocations.

Quality Logistics : Through zero defect in

⊙ Order handling.
⊙ 100% shipment control from invoicing to Final destination.
⊙ Export Standard Packaging & Labelling.
⊙ FIFO requirement